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One pitch photovoltaic roofing


Tettoia fotovoltaica Technical schedule Photovoltaic Roofing model 8004

modules 5 x 5

Excellent for border installation with vehicles' access from one side only.

Maximum power for each module 5x5: 3.3 kWp

Maximum power for m2 of sheltered surface : 132 Wp/m2

Yearly profit 2140 € (estimate for northern Italy)

Yearly profit 3150 € (estimate for southern Italy)

Best orientation :Pitch toward SOUTH (160-200°)


Tettoia monofalda a 4 piedi

Can be customized of standard roofing REN8004 on customer request.


In picture: structure before the assembly of modules.

Photovoltaic roofing  Siliqua (CA) - Italy

Project by  Ing. Stefania Loi

in cooperation with

ENERSOLAR Srl Cagliari - Italy