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Rides and rollercoasters

Amusement rides and rollercoasters according to EN 13814


We offer services as an efficient and trustworthy partner for structural calculations and shop drawings (the latter in partnership with "Tierre srl") for the realization of many, many kinds of roundabouts and rides, rollercoasters included.




The firm is able to accurately carry out:


  • The complete concept and development of the ride. For trailer mounted roundabouts, special attention is given to assembly and transport

  • Careful kinematic and dynamic analysis of the roundabout 

  • Analysis of the framework, sizing of the members (with tools to make shell and solid calculations) paying particular attention to local instability and the choice of materials

  • Mechanical measurements for transmissions and motors

  • Checks for impacts, collision, vibrations, bumping, overturning, sliding, raising and highway transportation

  • Fatigue strength analysis, weld design and inspection


Calculation reports are usually made following the EN 13814 code but can also be made using other standards (e.g. American standards like DINASTM).

Mech is also developing equipment and software in order to efficiently calibrate rail shapes for rollercoasters.

Mech treats all our customers with confidence and discretion. Your information is always secure with us.