Steel structures

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Mech offers free inspections only for systems with a budget over 50'000€ - 10kWp.

For systems under 50'000€ - 10 kWp we suggest to ask us for an estimate, sending us via e-mail, fax or registered letter the last 12 months' electricity bills, a scheme of the roof plant or of the area where is to be installed the system, showing the south exposure. For such plants if you wish an inspection, you can ask for it to for a price of 40 €/h + 0.2 €/km (from Reggio Emilia)


Mech carries out a system's pre-design at cost price.

With the pre-design we carry out a preliminary electrical/mechanical plan of relation and simulation of how much your system will yield, and a forecast about how long it will take to get back your investment.


Designing is minded in all particulars both for the definitive design and for the feasible one. The same goes for the relations with GSE and the local electrical operator.

Assistance is given for the DIA presentation and the tests are done.